Sustainably Responsible Design

“Green” has gone from simply being a color, to a society-changing imperative - today, it has become an ethical standard to which institutions, corporations, and individuals are held. Since we founded our company in 1993 environmentally friendly design has been a core value at Lightswitch – long before it was fashionable. We were early and vigorous adopters of the LEED program, we support the International Dark Sky Association, and have consulted with the Department of Energy and the USGBC amount others. We believe effective sustainable design is more than simply reducing power consumption or using LED devices. It is a more nuanced approach that considers the holistic goals of a project, the kind of experience we are crafting, and the appropriate use of light as a medium. Because it can be challenging to decipher contradictory advice or confusing regulations, it is our goal to help our clients understand what green means for them. Together, we can help you determine how our green design will work for your project.